Monday Maternity Memoir - Week 4

IMG_4109 Hey Beauties,

Its Monday!! Which means another update on my maternity.

WHAT HAVE I BEEN UP TO: I have had a quieter week than the last one obviously now that my baby shower is over. I am still working but this Friday May 20, 2016, is my last day. I have tons of work to do at the office before I go so I will probably be putting in some O/T to get as much done as possible. Since I'll be gone til August I want to make sure my desk is as clean as can be.

I have been taking frequent walks around the neighborhood in hopes that it will help bring the baby sooner. I usually start to feel cramps as I walk but once I get home and relax, the pains settle down. There has been no signs of blood yet so I know I have not lost my mucus plug. I feel the belly is still pretty high so I am almost certain the cervix is still not ready for labor. I went to NYC yesterday for a brunch and had to walk a few blocks in my heels. It was not easy but I did it and I am sure it had to have helped.

I am trying to find a way to sneak a quick bathroom/full house cleaning without my husband noticing. I just can't help it. I have been itching to clean this house and Ariel just will not let me. Each time he sees me pull out the cleaning supplies, he goes off. But he won't clean himself so in the meantime the house is dirty and messy and its driving me INSANE.

Anyway, on a more positive note, I am happy to say I booked a prenatal massage for this Wednesday and I am super excited for that. I cannot wait for some relaxation.

Ok, so this is completely off topic but can we talk about Empire real quick???! I am finally all caught up and at the edge of my seat with the last episode! My Jamal! He cannot die. And I can't wait to see Rhonda confront Boo Boo Kitty about pushing her down the stairs. That hater!! I have no patience for hate.


  • finding a photographer for my maternity pictures! I need an affordable one ASAP since the baby can come any day.
  • more pelvis girdle pains
  • cramps
  • sleepless nights - I am literally up almost every hour of the night with discomfort.
  • trouble rolling over and getting comfortable in bed.
  • swelling of feet and hands
  • I have been so needy lately; I just want my husband around all the time.
  • sitting "like a lady" (with my legs closed); the belly gets in my way making it very difficult to do so lol


  • we are slowly putting the baby's stuff together.
  • I am still receiving gifts. I love newborn clothes, especially for girls. I think its the cutest ever
  • taking as many pictures as possible with my belly before its too late
  • preparing Amelia for the Big Sis role. I am constantly reminding her that she will be a big sister and she will be mommy's little helper once the baby arrives.
  • For the most part, I have been feeling like my regular self

THIS WEEK'S DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENT: I am officially 37 weeks and FULL-TERM!! Woo Hoo!! Very exciting to know that the baby can come any day and its safe for both her and I. I met with a different doctor at this week's doctor's visit. He was actually great. Very informative. He broke down everything there is to know about a VBAC, the pros and the cons, and explained everything thoroughly. At the end of the day, it really depends on which doctor is on call when I go into labor. He assured me that if he is on call the day I go into labor, he will have no problem performing the VBAC regardless of when it happens. Apparently some doctors are afraid to have you go past you due date, because of possible scaring or rupturing of the uterus. Which is why most of them have been trying to convince me to have it done by my due date if I do not go into spontaneous labor. He had me sign a form stating that I wished to have a VBAC so that the other doctors from the practice can stop pressuring me to schedule the C-Section. He even told me that if its past by due date and I need to be induced, to book it on a day he is on call so we can proceed with the VBAC! Great News!

Anyway, my vitals are all normal and I have not gained a pound. I am still weighing in at 146. The doctor anticipates that the baby will be small at birth weighing about 7 pounds. Just patiently waiting for the big day.