Monday Maternity Memoir - Week 5

image Welcome to this week's Monday Maternity Memoir!

I am still wobbling guys. I don't think the baby is ready to come out yet. Although, I do get cramping pains here and there, they don't last long enough and are just in my lower abdomen area. Still no "bloody show" so the mucus plug is still intact. I have been walking and squatting as often as I could to try and get labor going.

WHAT HAVE I BEEN UP TO: I had a pretty normal week with working both my jobs and taking care of my toddler at home. I also been trying to keep up with blogging and posting as often as I can.

I was finally able to clean my ENTIRE house this past weekend!! My husband helped with a couple rooms and I took on the rest! I did all the laundry and even started washing some of the baby's stuff. I definitely had a successful weekend of cleaning and organizing...

My in laws came over yesterday. The weekend was finally beautiful so we were able to enjoy the outdoors. The guys played a game of wiffle ball with the kids and the women just kind of hung out on the deck, eating grilled meat. It was nice.

I am still receiving baby gifts, which is nice! My co-workers planned a little baby shower for me at the office. It was cute. We played games and ate pizza as I opened up all my gifts! It was super sweet of them!

I finally got the pre-natal massage I have been obsessing over! I went to Hand and Stone here in Brookfield, CT. They did an amazing job!! I felt so relaxed. It was perfect and worth every penny. I highly recommend all my mommies-to-be to look into it, it will help with all those back and leg pains. So thank you Hand and Stone :)

I got really sick this week. Apparently it was just a stomach bug but I was a figure 8 on the bathroom floor! My stomach felt horrible. Initially, I thought maybe it was the beginning of labor because I had read that labor can start with fever, vomiting and stomach pains but I was wrong.

I think Amelia is starting to feel that she will not be the center of attention soon. She has gotten so intolerable lately and disobedient. She's been throwing these temper tantrums that I did not know she was capable of doing, which is unlike her. Its either that or maybe the fact that she is turning 3. I've heard the 3s are worst than the famous "terrible 2s". Any advise on discipline a toddler is welcomed!


  • cramping
  • fatigue
  • lack of sleep
  • stomach bug
  • pelvis pains
  • pressure pains in my lower abdomen area
  • Braxton hIcks


  • was able to see the baby with the ultrasound the doctor ordered
  • i got another baby shower thanks to my co-workers, which meant more cool gifts for baby girl
  • I felt actual labor pains that wrap around my abdomen area
  • not much swelling as I did when pregnant with Amelia
  • organized the baby's room
  • got Amelia into her toddler bed
  • I'm only going to work because I want to, my maternity leave was suppose to start today.

THIS WEEK'S DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENT: I am now 38 weeks and counting. I did my usual weekly visits to the doctor. This visit was a little different. I had a little bit of a scare. The doctor ordered us to get an ultrasound. Apparently, he could not tell if the baby is growing properly since she has been measuring the same as the last couple visits. He was worried she was possibly not getting enough fluids. Luckily for us, we got to see the baby :) and there is enough fluid for her. She should be weighing in at about 6 pounds and roughly 18 inches long. She is in position for labor with her head down. Everything looks great and healthy. Thank you God. I haven't gained any weight. I am still 146lbs, My vitals are all normal and I'm only 1cm dilated. My due date is June 1, I am kind of hoping she comes on that date. I want a June baby.