What to Expect After Child Birth

10 thingstoexpectpost partum
10 thingstoexpectpost partum

Giving birth is the most exciting event that can happen to any women. It truly is a magical moment; to hear your child's cry after having him/her inside of you for 9 long months. But like me, once the excitement has gone down and you have been discharged from the hospital, I had no idea what to expect next? Apart of me secretly hoped I can take one of the nurses home with me to help me figure out my life.

Well after having my second child, here are 10 things I wish I was told to expect after child birth:

  1. You will probably still look pregnant so don't pack your post partum clothing into your hospital just yet!
  2. Shaking, chills and night sweats are normal
  3. You will probably feel pain for a while
  4. Your hair will probably fall out
  5. You may not want to see anyone
  6. You will cry uncontrollably for no reason at all
  7. You will get engorged
  8. Breastfeeding is A LOT of work. It is not as easy/enjoyable as these moms crack it up to be. Getting your baby to latch is a task in itself.
  9. Pumping absolutely sucks! You will become a slave to that breast pump
  10. If you get the epidural, your back will NEVER be the same again.

I wish I was warned after my first child as far as what to expect. I definitely did not get the memo and was absolutely lost. It hit me like a ton a bricks. The sleepless nights, the frantic crying due to gas, everything. It was hard. With my second baby, I knew what to expect so it was not as difficult for me but it is still hard because now I have a toddler to attend to as well.

I remind myself each day that this too shall pass and I will get into a routine soon. So I am here to tell you ladies the same. Although it may seem rough, it does get better/easier. So hang in there! The sleepless nights are not forever. Feel free to comment below or contact me via my social media platforms. I love to hear from you all. Don't forget to subscribe if you have not done so already!