4 Reasons to Hate "Adulting"

So how many of you wished to be an adult as a kid?? [raises hand high]

I remember as a kid I would kill to be an adult. I wanted to do what I wanted, when I wanted. I NEVER liked being told what to do. I wanted to come and go as I pleased without having to giving my parents an explanation of such.

My only struggle back then would have to be living at home with my parents. I had strict Dominican parents, who did not allow me to go anywhere. I had curfew at 9PM. In order for me to leave the house, my parents needed to know the 5 W's and they were definitely picking me up and dropping me off. The few times I was going anywhere they would know to the T where I would be. My mom would even show up places to make sure I was really there. It was pretty bad, I must admit. But boy would I take those struggles back to get rid of the "adulting" struggles.

Adult life is not as easy as I envisioned it to be. My generation tends to live at home longer in efforts to get ahead. If my parents were not so strict I probably would have been one of those freeloaders myself; living with my parents not paying any rent or household expenses but working fulltime and make good salary. It seems now-a-days this is the only way to actually move ahead. Everything, especially in the tri-state area is just so expensive. It makes living on your own that much more difficult. I moved my family in with my parents in order for us to save and be able to buy our house. It was the best adult decision my husband and I ever made.

Here are my 4 reasons why I hate "adulting"


I hate not being able to buy what I want when I want because I now have the responsibility of bills, motherhood and marriage. Before getting married and having children, I spent sooo much money on myself. Mani and pedi's every week, hair done every week, full body waxing ever month or so; buying clothes and shoes just because and not saving a dime! I lived at home for a while after college and did not pay any rent. My cell phone bill was really my only responsibility. I would take trips with my bestie all the time just because I could. It was great. Now I have to think twice before purchasing those $100 pair of Steve Madden shoes that I will probably only wear a couple times. Instead, I can use that $100 towards Aylah's daycare or clothes for the girls since they outgrow theirs fairly quickly. Before making any big purchase, I have to make sure it agrees with our family budget; I have to check my priorities and think "is this really worth it", because I know I will pay for it later. Its annoying not being able to just do what you want with your money


I don't know about any of you, but I absolutely hate doing household chores, especially laundry! I can start doing laundry on Monday and not be finished until Friday. It literally takes me an entire week. By the time the clothes is all folded and put away it is time for more laundry! It is like a never ending cycle for me. My husband and children dirty so much clothes. I can understand why Amelia and Aylah's laundry is so repetitive but Ariel has no excuse! It feels like my house in never clean enough. If it isn't the girls making a mess, its the constant cleaning of dishes. When living with my mom, the only chore I had was cleaning the 2 small bathrooms we had in our little apartment. And with that I use to drag my feet. I would love to have that be my own chore. Instead of going crazy everyday trying to keep up with laundry and cleaning up after the girls. I have 1 day as laundry day and 1 day for cleaning the entire house where my husband and I both get on our hands and knees and clean from top to bottom. It takes us a couple hours but as a team we manage to get it done. I love that he helps.


Obviously I am only getting older, which means I must start watching what I eat. I cannot get away with eating junk all day long. Now, the pounds actually stay. I never weighed more than 100lbs in high school. I never watched what I ate or cared for the gym. But as I slowly aged, that all changed. All those calories began to stick and I just kept gaining weight. I couldn't believe it. I can no longer binge on my favorite foods and expect my metabolism to keep me slim. I now have to take matters into my own hands and actually hit the gym. How annoying! I don't even like going to the gym. Dieting is not just for weight loss, but for my overall health. I have to eat better foods in efforts to live longer and be able to cope with life's every stresses. I need energy to chase after these daughters of mine. I gotta keep my immune system strong and healthy to fight against sickness and diseases.


 Everyday is a struggle to keep my family and myself organized. From our finances, to our schedules. I need to have a routine written and I make all efforts to follow it to the T. It is the only way I will do all the million things I need to do without skipping a beat. I am able to keep my girls on track with our bedtime routines. I have to organize my life or I will lose it. There is so much to remember and so much to do. I could never take care of all the things I do without being organized. I have my husband and I on a budget so we do not spend outside our means. I have a daily schedule for the girls to follow. I am still trying to incorporate my blogging schedule. I write down all my bills and when they are due. I keep track of whats in our bank accounts. I keep my weekly/monthly planner that stores literally EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE. Without it I will be lost. I have so many responsibilities, staying organized is the only way I can make and find time for everything.

What part of being and adult do you hate??? Comment below. Feel free to contact me via my social media platforms.