Did Someone Say Pre-K?

So Amelia has officially begun Pre-K. This is her second week in the program.

I cannot even believe I am saying those words right now. It literally felt like just yesterday my baby girl turned one, and now she's attending school. She's my first born so everything is such a big deal. I want the best for my baby girl. She is so special. She is already a smart kid and loves other children so I know she will love whatever school she attends. I just can't believe how big my baby is getting and how fast its all going. She already has such a personality. I see so much of me in her. This experience was emotional for me. It was almost like a reality check at how fast Amelia is growing. I want my wittle wobbly one-year-old back.

Everything was so different when I was a kid. My mom signed me up for whatever school was close by and that was that. She didn't research, attend tours, check out their reputations, nothing. It was just simple, which school is closest and more convenient? Yep, that was the school I attended. Now-a-days, picking a program for your little one is like picking a college. I see parents all the time thoroughly doing their research on the schools and not just picking whatever school was the closest.

I tried not to be too picky though when selecting a school. I had to remind myself that Amelia is only 3 and she will get her real education once she begins regular schooling. Amelia already knows her colors, shapes and numbers. She is comfortable amongst other children and adults and she adjusts quite well to new and different surroundings.  I figured the real education is when she actually attends school so I did not want to stress out over a Pre-K program.

I enrolled her in a program that my previous family members have used and all said great things about. The pay was affordable and the location was convenient for me in reference to pick-ups and drop-offs, so I went with that school. Both Amelia and I were looking forward to her first day. I went out and got her a backpack, lunch box, thermal, and folder, per request of the school. I went grocery shopping since I would be needing to pack her a lunch. I was ready to send my baby off to school.

My experience of Amelia's first day of Pre-K did not go as well as I envisioned it. Amelia's new teacher was upset with me. Apparently there was a miscommunication regarding her state forms. But because I wanted Amelia to have a positive experience and to enjoy her school and teachers, I ignored my little mishap with her teacher. My daughter is more important.

All in all, Amelia had an awesome first week. She even received a "Good Behavior" certificate and I could not be more proud. I was worried for her since it was a bigger school than what she's used to and more kids. She is singing new songs and doing much better with her behavior even at home. She understands she is a big girl now. She gave up her "bobo" and is now sleeping in her own twin size bed, in her room, by herself. She is making such positive improvements already.


What was your experience with your child's first day of Pre-K?? Share your story with me below! I would love to read all about it.