Mommy + Me Activities on a Budget

I think that it is really important to find some fun activities to do with your little ones. Kids get so bored being at home all the time, playing with their toys or watching cartoons. There are so many different things you can do with your little ones that are not at all expensive. Activities outside the home are a great way to make memories with your little ones and it also helps build character and develop their personality by exposing them to different things. I personally love "mommy and me" related things and to make things more interesting, you should definitely pair it up with matching mommy and me ensemble and take tons of pictures! You will thank me later.

Here are some budget-friendly ideas for you and your little ones to spend some good ol' QT together:

  • Museum Date - Most museums have a "free" day once a month so take advantage of this and take your little ones to the exhibit, they'll love it!. You would have to research your local museum and see when you can bring your little one to enjoy the new exhibits.
  • Petting Zoo - Amelia is definitely not afraid of animals and it was so fun watching her enjoy petting all of the animals.
  • Bake/Cook together - Every time I am in the kitchen, Amelia always wants to help me out. When I make her pancakes, I mix everything together first for her and then let her stir the batter for me. She's such a good helper and we always have so much fun together doing it.
  • Hot Cocoa for two please!  - I found it was super cute to go to our local Starbucks with coloring books and magazines, to enjoy some time together while sipping on some hot cocoa.
  • Carousel Rides - most malls have carousel rides that are pretty cheap. At first my little one was afraid to get on, so I had to get on with her, which actually worked well. She loved it.
  • Tea Time! - What is QT without a little tea time! Amelia will make me some of her best tea with her little tea set that she got for her birthday. She is such a great host.
  • Ice Cream Shakes/Sundaes Date - My little one loves ice cream! Taking a trip to the local ice cream parlor is one of the best ways to spend some time together.
  • Bowling - I was hesitant to bring her bowling with my hubby and I but it turned out to be great. She actually had a great time throwing that ball down the lane lol.
  • Library Date - This is always a great way to spend time with your little one. Amelia loves books. Although she has her own collection at home, being at the library makes it a much more enjoyable experience. There are no distractions. We just sit there and enjoy a book together.