How to Make the Most Out of Your Little Free Time

As I prepare my brand for 2017, I have a ton of things to get started on. I want to grow my list of subscribers, grow my social media following, and not to mention officially begin branding my site. But when the heck will I have the time to get all that done? Between working full-time and raising 2 children, it seems almost impossible. On the weekends I mange to get the girls to nap in-sync (go me!). But then I have that overwhelming thought of, "where do I start?". Here's a great way to declutter your to-do list so you know exactly what you need to get done the moment you get some of that precious free time. You would be surprised at how quickly you will check off those to-do's when you compose yourself a mini game plan for the week, and it only takes about 30 minutes!

Put Together 5 minute to-do list

Make a simple list of all your tasks the night before. Jotting everything down will help you visualize what you have to do and it will make things seems much clearer and easier for you than having them all in your head. This way, you can get those cluttering thoughts out and get a good nights rest.


Prioritizing a to-do list will allow you to make your list work for you and not against you. This strategy will make things easier for you to see what your top goals are and what should get done first. You will figure out which tasks need to be completed before anything else and which tasks can be left for later in case you find yourself short on time.

The Importance of the 3 R's

Spend some time to REFLECT on your daily tasks. Figure out what made the day easier to manage and what possible changes you can make for future tasks.

Were there any tasks you did not get to that may need to be RESCHEDULED? Take a look at your calendar and see when you can squeeze in the tasks you were not able to get to.

And lastly, REWARD yourself! You deserve it!

When I first started planning this way, I knew exactly what I needed to get done first when that magical free time came around. This way I was able to prevent wasting a single minute on other things and got straight to work. The key to making this system work for you is to keep it simple and adaptable. Your priorities will change all the time and flexibility is going to be your best friend. Be realistic on what tasks you can manage and what changes you think seem plausible.

Hope this helped you mommies figure things out. Let me know if it did. I love hearing from you all.

Happy Planning!