Building Better Habits in 2017

Like everyone else, I long to be successful. I have learned that success differs per person. My thoughts and ideas on success may not necessarily match the next person, but it is still my success nontheless. I have also learned that creating success takes a lot of work, patience and dedication; it takes the implementation of good habits and building a stronger mental. And it starts with you! Here is a list of things I plan to work on this new year in order to help build my success.


Focus on One Thing at a Time

I have learned that I just cannot do it all. My mind goes on overflow and I just break down. Its overwhelming. I have wayyy to much on my plate to then take on a million projects. I have learned from other bloggers that batching is the way to go and its truly a lifesaver (Thanks Mattieologie). It helps save me time and energy and allows me to focus on one particular task at a time.

Read More

Reading is really a good habit to have. Success comes from learning and growth and you can never learn too much. Obviously you cannot be an expert at everything, but it definitely pays to know a thing or two. I personally love to read. Its hard to find the time to do so, but I am planning to take time out to read. Its also helps expand my vocabulary a little.

Get Organized

This is something I definitely need to put into practice. Being that I am a woman, it is in my nature to think I am the ultimate multi-tasker. I juggle family, work, blog, motherhood, a little bit of everything. It sucks because my mind is always racing with thoughts and things I have to do. It so bad sometimes that it interferes with my sleep/rest and thats not good! Write things down, plan ahead, free your mind of clutter.

Say "No"

I cannot stress this concept enough. Saying no is so important in keeping yourself sane. I know some people think it is rude to say no, but saying "yes" to everything will drive you to drink, literally. If you do not want to do something, say NO. If you have prior arrangements, say NO. Stop trying to "make it work" or feel bad about say no. It will only stress you out more in the end because you will feel forced to do something you do not want to do.

Be Present

With today's technology, we get tied up in social media, our phones, emails, textings, etc. We tend to forget how important it is to focus on one thing at a time and to enjoy that particular moment and forget about the world around us. So I plan to pay attention and be present in the moment more often and not care so much for distractions around me, especially when it comes to my babies.


As a writer, reflecting is sooo important! It helps put things into perspective and make rational more conscious decision, you know, like adults. Reflecting is also a great way to learn and to grow, and I'm always down for some growth. I've heard that with reflection, we as humans are able to grasp and remember things better.

Learn to Let Go

I struggle tremendously with this one and every year I say I'm gonna do better! So I gotta make this work this year. I have to learn to let things go, to move on. There is no need on dwelling over things that I have no control over. Releasing these negitive emotions allows you to enjoy, to live, and to be stress and worry free!

Write Things Down

Because I have a bad case of mommy brain, it is so important for me to write things down, in efforts to remember important things and also attempt at organization and decluttering of my mind! Writing things down has saved my life in more way than one!

Be a Boss

Yass!! It's 2017! Time to run a business and cash some checks. I'm done shying behind my hopes and dreams afraid of what the next person is going to say or think about me. It's time for confidence; to walk into a room and turn some heads. It's time to make decisions without worrying about how the next person is going to feel or think. It is time to build this empire, call some shots and not be afraid to fail.

Never Stop Learning

And lastly, this is pretty self explanatory! As I said before, a person can never have too much knowledge. Learning will definitely help to humble you and give you a sense of self assurance. It will make you happier to look back and see first hand how much you were able to accomplish something you have been struggling with. So read more, reach out to experts in your field. Go ahead! Don't be shy!