10 Habits of Successful Mom

I am a firm believer that "mother" is one of the best titles any woman can ever ask for. Children are in fact a ton of work. But I think, we all can agree that, the good outweighs the bad. Its one of those gigs where success is not measured in how much money you have, but instead success is a mom who has joy and satisfaction. Yes, being a mother is a 24-7 type gig but just like any other job, it is important to build strong habits that will help you be the absolute best you can be for your kiddies. Below are some great habits to acquire in order to be a more successful mommy.


Take time for yourself - We get so busy running around cleaning up after everyone, cooking, keeping track of important dates and appointments, its very easy to lose yourself in the mist of it all. Taking time for yourself will give you the energy you need to push forward. Make sure you do something you enjoy, whether its reading a book or taking a walk. Do It!

Laugh Often - Laughing heals everything. It is important to laugh and not cry over spilled milk. Nothing is ever going to be perfect or turn out as planned. Keep in mind that we all have messed up. Parenting is not something we are taught in grade school, we learn as we go and from our mistakes. So just laugh it off boo!

Family Comes First - ALWAYS, and I literally mean always, put your family first. Before you know it, your little ones are off to college and you are looking back asking where the heck time went. Take tons of pictures and enjoy time with your family. For my career moms out there, work will always be there. So don't let it take you away from your family time.

Plan Ahead - Planning has become my LIFE. I plan everything. Every aspect of my day/life revolves around my planner. I have a ton of things going on and responsibilities to keep track of that I depend so much on planning. I take some time the night before, once the girls are in bed to look at my to-do list for the next day. It helps keep me organized and not be so forgetful.

Have A Morning Routine - I still struggle with having a morning routine, but over and over again I have read how important it is to your day. A great morning routine paves the way for a great day. I cover this more in depth here.

Create a Happy Home - Of course we all want a clean home, but I think it is more important to create a happy home. I use to cringe at the site of my daughters' small hand prints on our glasses table that I literally just wiped down. Instead of yelling and screaming at Amelia like I use to, I just laugh it off. Its ok to not have a super clean house when raising babies. Our home does not have to look perfect, it just has to feel perfect.

Get Help - Your life will be a thousand times easier once you come to terms with the fact that you cannot do it all alone! No one does it alone girl so let it go! Call your momma and have her watch the kids for you so you can take a nap! its ok girl! Your still an amazingly awesome mom. And you will feel like a million bucks.

Say No - This is by far the hardest thing for me! I've always been a people pleaser. But as I have gotten older I have realize how much anxiety saying "yes" to everything gives me! You gotta know where to draw the line. Only put as much as you can handle on your schedule.

Don't compare to other moms - Social media does an amazing job at making everything look like glitter and gold. They make motherhood look so easy and effortlessly. Just because thats what you see, does not mean thats the reality so don't even put energy in what other mommas are doing. Do what you do best girl, be a momma to your kids and the rest will just fal into place.

Do the best you can - As mothers we have a thousand things to juggle so you can only do the best you can with what you have. Don't beat yourself up if you don't get everything on your to-do list done. There is always tomorrow. So do your best, find time for your family, love your children and the rest will just fall into place.

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