Why My Hubby Makes a Killer Husband

Never in a million years could I have predicted that Ariel would be the man I would marry. I first met Ariel when I was about 12 years old. We met one summer in the Dominican Republic while on vacation. I never looked at him as anything more than that short summer encounter. We were from different areas so I knew I probably would never see him again. And that was exactly what happened.

When we reconnected through mutual friends, I had recently gotten out of a long-term relationship. A relationship that merely took the life out of me; I was drained. I was certain I did not want another relationship for a long time. I was ready to enjoy being free again, to travel the world, to meet new people, to find myself, to figure out what I was destined to be in this world. But God had other plans for me. I reconnected again with Ariel just a few months after leaving my previous relationship and in a blink of an eye I was pregnant and engaged. 

Looking around at the life I have now, I know Ariel is a killer husband. Here's why:

He Loved Me From Day One

Everything between us happend so quickly. I didn't have time to think things through or take a chance to figure out what was going on. The connection between he and I was so real from the beginning that everything really just flowed. He was different. He loved me the way I dont think any man in my past had ever loved me. I finally knew what it was like to love and be loved in return. I was not going to let that go. I deserve it.

He's affectionate. I get foot and back rubs after a long day. He kisses me goodbye every morning before he's off to work. He compliments me, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

He loves his girls. He's involved. He partakes in everything that involves them. Parent-teacher meetings, doctor's appointments, extra-curricular activities, anything that involves the girls, he is present. 

He's Supportive

At the beginning when all these life changing events were happening, he was right there through every stage of it. He didnt once budge, or ask questions. He was there, ready to commit his entire life to me.

Being a new mom was a huge change and challenge for me. He split night duties, when the girls were newborns. He would feed the baby, while I pumped or he would wash my breast pump so I can rest before the next feeding. He was there through all of it.  

He supports everything I set out to do, whether he understands it or not. He watches the girls for me while I do the "Happy Hour Show" every Tuesday. He learned photography just for me, to be able to take killer photos of me and therefore not having to invest in a photographer. 

He's always giving me ideas of topics for the site, providing suggestions for photos, fashion, and mommy and me's. Anytime he sees something on social media that he thinks may be appealing to me, he makes sure to bring it to my attention.

He Makes Me Feel Secure

I am sure we have all been through the toxic relationship, with the everyday bickering and fighting over the smallest things. Giving ourselves to a man that just does not know how to love us. Being with a man that makes you feel like you're the crazy one for all your assumptions and insecurities. Those long nights of crying myself to sleep are over. I have a man that makes me feel like I am the only one for him. For once, I am not insecure. I never doubt or question anything he tells me. I never get the urge to snoop through his phone or emails.

He keeps me informed of his whereabouts and what’s going on. I don’t wonder what he’s doing or when he will come home. We have open communication and respect for one another.

We Are A Team

We make decisions as a team. When it comes to our daughters, to our family, we are a team. We tackle life's problems together. We have each other's backs and work together to get through the difficult days. It makes life that much simplier when you have someone to go through turmoils with. 

Our finances are together. We split everything evenly. We don’t have separate accounts outside of each other (at least I don’t think Ariel does lol).  

We know that in the end, we are in this together. We are responsible for raising these little girls to become triumphant human beings and we are committed to that. We are committed to each other.

its important to remember a marriage is a relationship just like every other relationship. You each have to put in the work for it to last. It’s not easy but to see the home we are  creating for our girls makes it all worth it.