CT Blogger’s Brunch Event Review

Hey Beauties!

I told myself that 2017 was going to be a year of growth within my blogging business. I promised myself I would attend as many blogging events as humanly possible in order to put myself out there. I also promised myself I would join blogging groups and network with as many bloggers as possible.

With that being said, I attended my first blogging event in CT. I joined the CTBloggerBabes group on both Instagram and Facebook, so when they announced the 1st Annual Brunch, I knew I could not miss it. I purchased my ticket, booked a sitter and cleared my calendar for that day.

I was so nervous going into the whole thing, since I did not know ANYONE that would be there. I had only virtually met some of the girls thanks to the IG group, but I forced myself out of my comfort zone, took that 1 hour drive alone and was determined to make the best of this unknowing situation.

We ate at the Heirloom Market in Wethersfield, CT and boy was the food delicious. It was a group of about 20 bloggers. Each seat had a name tag on it, so I walked in, looked around for my name and took my seat. Most of the girls were already there when I arrived so as i sat down, the girls that sat around me all introduced themselves to me, which instantly made me sigh in relaxation knowing that this was not going to be as nerve wrecking as I anticipated it to be.

Nonee, who put the brunch together, introduced herself and asked that we all go around and introduce ourselves as well, and we did. Once intro’s were done, we started a table discussion on blogging. Everyone shared experiences and ideas. It was great. I learned a ton about social media, algorithms, photography and analytics.

The one blogger I was excited to meet was Yinka with @yourstrulyyinka. I had been following her for some time now. I knew she would be there because of the network we are both apart of. Her style, her photography, her brand, everything about her is so inspiring. I was hoping to catch her for some one on one but unfortunately I was not able to. Im sure our blogging paths will cross and we will meet again.

I was also happy to see 2 familiar faces; Ilse @livelearnluxit and Brandy @bdgmakeupartist. Both of these lovely ladies worked with me at Sephora when my blogging career first launched. It was nice to bump into them and catch up. I am sure we will do some great collaborations together soon enough. They are both so talented and well connected in blogging.

At the end of the brunch, we all went outside to do the obvious… shoot pictures. All in all the event was great. The group of women were awesome. I was able to get a photo session and a graphic designing consultation out of the event, which definitely made it worth wild for me because I cannot seem to get my website aligned with my brand.

Thank you to all the women in the CT Blogger Babes group for making this experience one to remember. Thank you to Nonee for putting this all together for us to learn and grow and thank you to Heirloom Market for the amazing food and service! I cannot wait till our next event.