3 Lessons To Take Into My New Year Of Life

Hey All,

Can you seriously believe its November and we literally have 2 months left of the year?? Where did the year go. As we close 2017, I cannot help but look back at all this year has brought me. November is a special month for me overall; mainly because of my birthday. Since its the second to last month of the year, November indicates that the year is pretty much over; for me it is another year of life, another year of wisdom, growth, adventures. 

2017 has been special. I have finally begun to find what it is that moves me; what keeps me up at night. For years, I always felt so lost when asked what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I honestly had no idea. I have always taken interest in writing but never really pursued it since I was chasing the money.

I attempted law, criminal justice, government administration; but nothing moves me the way this blog does. Nothing; It has given me the strive, the dedication to keep going, to keep pushing my blog and this wonderful journey to success in the blogging space. I have met some amazing people and it has made me that much more eager to continue this path and see what more amazing things I can encounter.

As my birthday approaches and I embark on this new year of life, I have learned a couple valuable lessons that I will take with me in growing my brand. Here they are:

Set less goals and take your time executing the goals you have in place. 

I use to load up my calender with all thing content and photography was doing for the month. I was sure I would squeeze the time for it all, plus manage my home and family. I found myself burned out in no time. Instead I place a theme around the month and plan content around that particular theme, setting realistic goals and planning ahead.

Push Yourself

Because I have so much on my plate, I would find myself not executing. It was too overwhelming to think about so instead, I preferred to spend my evening at the gym, with the girls and then off to bed with my husband. But days kept passing and everything I wanted to accomplished still was not done. So I pushed myself, HARD.  As hard as I probably ever have. I pour myself a cup of coffee and got to work, ON ONE PROJECT AT A TIME. I created a system for myself. I pushed myself to dedicate at least 2 hours a day to my business except for Sundays. Things take time. Do the work regardless of how you feel. 

Plan and Prep

I preach planning and organizing for a reason. It is crucial to me and to my lifestyle. I have a million things on my plate that keep me busy. I rarely have time for friends and often find myself double booked! The Serenity Planner was put together to help bring you guys the sanity that is important to tackle our busy days and schedule. I plan EVERYTHING: finances, blog content, my everyday. I use to post content in real time and not care about engagement. And although apart of still does not, I get how important it is in this business. I was just eager to put out content, I was being careless. Great content takes time to execute. Editing is crucial. So now, I lay out my month. I pick 1 to 2 topics to cover for the particular month and then from there I get content in references to those topics. I jot down notes and create pinterest boards with ideas. It really  has helped me achieve my goals and find success within my brand.

For the first time, I feel I am on the right track. God has always kept writing in my life for a reason so clearly this is meant for me. I have learned so much thus far and I cannot wait for what God has in stores for me!

Another year, more growth and tons of success! Happy Birthday to Me!