6 Perfect Fall Accessories That Will Have You Fall In Love With Cold Weather

Hey New Englanders,

I hate to admit it but Fall is definitely upon us. This weekend was super cold. The worst part about it was how quickly it all happened. I swear it was pretty warm all week last week. and then WAM! The cold happened. Just like that.

Nonetheless, apart of me was definitely ready for the Fall, to show off some fall fashion and accessories. There is just something about the warm beverages, scarfs and fuzzy socks I just cannot get enough of. I love the idea of a nice movie, snuggled under a warm blanket in leggings and fuzzy socks sipping on some hot cocoa in the comfort of my own home.

So although it is pretty cold out here in Connecticut, lets embrace it. There's definitely enough cool stuff to do in cold weather that makes the consequences quite necessary.

Below are some fun fall essentials to get you through this cold weather.