You Are Standing in the Way Of Your Own Success. Here's How!

Do you ever wonder why certain people excel in anything and everything that they choose to whereas for others, it takes more of them to see the same or similar results? Well, my friend, it is because of the way that person thinks about their abilities that always work in their favor. The attitude or belief that you cannot do something is merely a mindset and something you can change.

Having a growth mindset means you believe you can develop your abilities through learning and hard work. I have this awesome friend, who we will call Ana for the sake of this post. There is no task Ana cannot get done. She may not know how to do, but she finds a way to learn how. After spending some time with Ana and hearing the way she expresses herself, this concept definitely applies to her. My dear friend Ana has acquired a growth mindset hence why she' so good at so many things. She is confident in her abilities. She says it herself, she may not have enough experience with a particular task but she has the ability to learn it. Right On Ana!

The key to success is acquiring a growth mindset; when you believe you can control your ability and can learn and improve those abilities.

Commit to developing a growth mindset. When you hear that little voice in your head telling you that you cannot do something, you shoot back with a more powerful voice telling it that you will learn. Cultivating a growth mindset it crucial, not just in business, but in life, as it effects the way we think about everything. Someone with a serious illness can actually recover by believing they can do something about the illness. 

A person with this particular mindset looks at challenges as opportunities to grow and learn instead of looking for ways to validate that this particular task is just not for them or that they just are not smart enough. 

On the contrary, we have those individuals believe that you can only cultivate the qualities you were dealt with at birth. However, this mindset undermines the ability for learning and because I want you all to believe in yourselves this new year, I put together this post for you! To show you how much your mindset can be interfering with your dreams or your abilities to get things done. An easy shift in your mindset can be the ultimate game changer.

Here are 4 Easy Ways to Adapt a Growth Mindset In Your Life:

1. Reward yourself for the process not the outcome. Give yourself a pat on the back for learning and working hard, regardless having won or lost. 

2. Search for things that challenge you and find ways to enjoy those challenges.

3. Do not attribute your success or failures to inherent skills.

4. Record the process and see how much you learned and grew from it. 

Once you acquired this shift in your mindset, you will see how easily things will just come to you. You will then look back at those days when you did not believe in yourself and laugh. All it takes is a small push in your abilities. I believe that anyone can learn to do anything. It may not be easy but it is something you can definitely learn to do and to do it well! 

Always believe in yourself and your abilities and push yourself to work hard. You will appreciate the process of learning and in return, attain success because of it!