Pampering Season

There is such a rage for self-care these days and rightfully so. There are so many demands and things going on all around us that its takes a toll on the human body. Most self-care practices have to do with your inner state. However, your outer state is just as important. When you look good, you feel good too.

November, for me, has always been a big pampering month. I think mainly because its the month of my birthday so usually I go all out; I usually color my hair, full body waxing, facials, nails done, some shopping, the whole 9 yards. Its like a tradition. I want to bring on my new age feeling beautiful, especially now that I am no longer in my twenties.

The older I got, the more I want to make self-care and personal development more of a priority and it makes perfect sense as to why we should incorporate self care into our routines and there is no shame in wanting to do that. The good thing about it is that you don't have to cough up a lot of money to effectively take care of yourself.

I tend to make Sunday’s my self care days. I make every attempt to take a nice warm bath with Epsom salt (although sometimes my girls don't let that happen). I do my own, at home facial, I give myself a small wax, in the areas necessary and I wash and dry my hair. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I can bribe Ariel in giving me a massage.