Friendsgiving Traditions

It seems like this past weekend was the official Friendsgiving weekend for a lot of people because everyone on my social media timeline was at a Friendsgiving. Friendsgiving is our new bestie tradition. Each year we get a bunch of us together, prepare some delicious foods, and have a mini Thanksgiving fiesta with friends. Although this time around, I cannot say it was much mini.

One of my bestest friends hosted Friendsgiving this year at her new home. It was such an awesome time and we were happy to see everyone show up. Most of us have children and that small fact may make Friendsgiving a bit of a challenge for those preparing food. My friend (the home owner) made the turkey. She is a mommy of two and her little one is just a year old. Sometimes adding kids can take the fun out of these particular gatherings; however I found that if other people have children too, it helps with easing some of that added stress. Most of the kiddo’s at our Friendsgiving were around the same age so it played out perfectly.

What I love about the Friendsgiving tradition is that there is no obligation like there is for Thanksgiving; where you have to get all dressed up to go over a family member’s house that you may not have anything in common with. Friendsgiving is really a time where a group of friends come together, eat delicious foods, enjoy each others company, laugh and just be grateful and appreciative of each other.

Since most of us have little ones, this year we included the children in our festivities and even planned kid friendly meals for them to enjoy. They played games together, we gave them ice cream and each brought their own favorite toy to play with. Most of our children are still little so there aren’t much games we can play together just yet but adding children to your bestie tradition makes it much easier if you plan accordingly. Get the kids involved, plan kid friendly foods and toys to keep them entertained. Keeping them happy will allow us grown ups to have our own fun.

We did have a few new comers at this years Friendsgiving and we hope as years pass, our tradition continues to grow. Cheers to a successful Friendsgiving and to many more in the future!