Devotions, Affirmations and Manifestations

A new habit I formed in 2018 was that of daily devotions and affirmations.

I totally transitioned my mindset to a more joyful, grateful and loving individual. Not that I wasn’t before. However, I found that perspective is everything and seeing things in a more loving way beats being stressed out over nonsense. One thing I learned that I lacked was gratitude. I took all my blessings for granted because I was too focused on what the next girl had that I did not. I used to feel a bunch of unwelcomed emotions, rejection, fear, anxiety, less than, and sometimes even defeat. It was bad guys; to the point that I would be in my feelings for days over that one girl that may have been prettier than me, or may be more popular than I am. I needed Jesus!

Luckily for me, I reconnect with the Lord. 2018 brought us closer and I have already experienced so many miracles within just one year. It is amazing how a quick shift in perspective can do to your psyche. I found that, I too, am enough. I have enough and I am all I need to live my dream. I found that I am blessed; I have a very supportive and loving husband who takes my photos even when he’s not in the mood to do so. I have a set of parents that watch my girls while Ariel and I go out to shoot photots. I have a brother who is tech savvy and helps me with web designing and branding. Most importantly, I have best friends, who helps me through all of it; venting sessions, ideas, planning, etc. I never before took a second to look around to see how amazing my life truly is.

Incorporating daily devotionals, affirmations and manifestations into my daily routine has been such a breath of fresh air for me. When I feel defeat, I remind myself of all I have accomplished so far. When I feel rejected, I remind myself that instead I am being protected. I tell myself each and everyday how full I am of ideas for this blog; how creative I am; how much positive energy I give off, in person and across social media. I am a ray of sunshine. I am enough and I have what it takes.

This small shift has completely changed my life. I no longer find myself stressing over others, or worried about what people think of me or pleasing everyone. I live for me and my family. I live happily and free. I learned acceptance. I learned forgiveness and letting go.

As I found myself transitioning, I began journaling. I always journaled but this time I was very intentional in what I wrote. I wrote down my manifestations and read them aloud each and every day:

-I will receive good news within 24 hours

-I am financially free

-I am a money magnet

To name a few. I read a book “Manifest Now” by Idil Ahmed that taught me a lot about manifesting and energy. At the end of November, two checks came in the mail from an affiliated brand company I used to work with, the total was a little over $500 that they said I earned from my website. I hadn’t worked nor marketed this brand since Aylah was born, and she is now two years old. For the life of me I couldn’t understand how I managed to earn this money but they insisted I generated sales and that was my commission. My first earned $500 in blogging! God is good and so is the universe.

Now, I challenge you, dare to ask the universe to give you what you want, exactly what you want. Feel the emotions you would feel if you actually got what you manifested. Invision your manifestations come to life in your mind. Every day remind yourself of your manifestations and be grateful for all you have. Believe it can happen to you and that it will happen to you and sit back and watch your life change. Put your faith in God and most importantly, trust the process.

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