4 Quick Tips for Feeling Your Fabulous Self

Hey Babes,

Fabolous got me out here misspelling the word fabulous. How many of you rap his lyrics when spelling it though? In my head I’m like “F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S” in my best Fabolous voice lol. I had to google the word to make sure I spelled it correctly.

Anyway, I hope you are all having an awesome week. Its only Tuesday and this week has kicked my butt. I had a rough Monday, to say the least. It was such an emotional day for me. We can’t knock horrible days though, it helps us appreciate the good ones; so like it or not, we need them. The funny thing is I could not really tell you what exactly was wrong. I just felt salty all day; nothing seemed to be going right for me. The good thing about these types of days is that tomorrow is a brand new day! New opportunity. New attitude. Brush your shoulders off knowing there are new and better days ahead.

I do know, however, how difficult it can be to let go of these bad days. But if anyone deserves to feel fantastic, its you boo. I put this post together just for you; to remind you how fabulous you are and how to bring you back your joy so you can feel like your fabulous self again. First things first:

Say Yes to You!

Yes boo. Make this about you. Do whatever your heart desires. Take some time for yourself and you will see how your day will already start to take a turn for the better. Is there a project you have been wanting to work on? A book you want to write? Maybe a blog you want to launch? Well, now is the time honey. Say yes to those passions. Give yourself the gift of relaxation and healing, whether its meditation or a day at the spa. Say YES to you!

Morning Stretching

I am NOT a morning person! Never have been and at this point, I don't think I ever will be. I hit the snooze button a million times in the morning where I am usually still slightly behind schedule. And even when I am up and going, I am not fully awake and active until about 10am. I have been working my 9-5 for over 10 years and I am still not use to getting up in the morning. One method I just started incorporating into my mornings is a morning stretch. You can pretty much do any movement that works for you. For me, I usually do a few Yoga moves, a few lunges and your basic stretches. I feel it helps wake me up. Make it fun and enjoyable and you will start your day on the right foot.

Check Your Self

This may go together with saying Yes to yourself. However, mindset plays a major role in your overall mood. Perspective is also very important. Jot down daily affirmations. Get a bunch of stickies and stick these reminders everywhere: in your car, at your job, on your mirror, everywhere. Remind yourself how incredibly awesome you are. You, my friend, are enough. You have what it takes. You are pretty enough, strong enough, smart enough, etc. Do not doubt yourself for one second. Switch perspective. Look at all things with love and you will see how things may not be as bad as you interpret them to be.

Be Grateful

One thing I learned the hard way in 2018 was gratitude. I learned to appreciate everything: the good and the bad. Be thankful. Other people have it worst than you. Be thankful for all the small things, your health, your family, your passions, etc. I always make sure to show appreciation for my supportive husband, my healthy children, my compassionate heart and so much more. These small things make the biggest difference in my life. True blessings.

I hope these few tips helped being you back your joy and make you feel fabulous again. Thank you so much for reading and subscribe to my newsletter for more fun content from me. If you don't already, please be sure to follow me on Instagram and twitter @impamelarosario.

Catch you later lovies.