Live on Purpose Workshop


Last weekend I hosted a women empowerment workshop called Live on Purpose. I put this workshop together because I have been struggling with purpose. After spending so many years in a job I don’t find fulfillment in, I questioned my purpose. One day I woke up wanting to be a makeup artist. I pursued that for a little while then quickly gave up. Then I though I can do well as a virtual assistant since I wanted to solve problems and help people make power moves, whatever that meant. That idea came and went very quickly. I don’t have many talents nor do things come naturally for me. I can't sing, I don’t dance or play an instrument. I seeked for purpose to stare at me in the face in bright. bold, flashing lights and yet, I had nothing.

I found Nancy Ruffin on Instagram and instantly felt a connection to her just based off her social media content and website. She did a lot of things I aspired to do. She is an author, a story teller, a content creator, a blogger, a radio host, and the list goes on and on. I knew she would be perfect to facilitate the workshop. I was happy that she agreed to come on and help me through this journey to purpose that I seemed to have been disconnected with.

I was moved by Nancy as she shared her story with us at the workshop. I was moved by the stories that the attendees shared that day and at the way we all vibed together so well. We shed tears, we laughed and most importantly, we inspired each other. I am thankful for being present with each person that was there that day.

I learned that purpose is not this complicated thing that I was setting out to be. I learned that purpose can be as simple as being Aylah and Amelia’s mother or Ariel’s wife. I learned that purpose does not have to be something that comes naturally to you. It does not have to come in the form of a talent or passion. I thank Nancy from the bottom of my heart. Because of her, I feel like I have more of a sense of direction.

I thank you all for reading through this post as it comes from the heart. Thank you to everyone that attended this event and that played a part in making it all possible. And most importantly, thank you Nancy Ruffin.

If you haven’t already, make sure to pick up her books!