My Daily Personal Ritual for Better Days

This year has been different than most. I feel like I have grown; spiritual, mentally and even emotionally, so much since 2019 started. I got sick and tired of my old thinking habits and decided to make moves for change. I learned I am a perfectionist. I learned I was an emotional reasoner. Most importantly, I learned I had anxiety.

Accepting that my entire life, I had been living with this mental imbalance and never once realized it, felt like a ton of breaks. Like, you mean to tell me, all this time, God could have fixed this and saved me years of unneeded stress??? I mean, I always knew I was an over thinker however, I thought that was just the way I was and that there was no fixing it. So I solved everything through isolation. Yes, isolation. Like most people with anxiety do. Once I felt things were weird and my thoughts were rambling on, I stayed away.I took these personality traits as a grain of salt and just dealt with it. It wasn’t until recently that something told me to look into that imbalance and make an attempt to heal from it.

Being aware is absolutely the first sign of recovery because now that I know it is not something that is permanently apart of me, I have taken all the steps to put these ruminating thoughts to rest and because of it, I have created my own personal ritual that I make a point to do on a daily basis.

And here they go….

Wake up in Gratitude

Every morning, as soon as my feet hit the ground, I thank God. I thank God for my family, my husband, my job, my home, everything that I have. I stopped complaining about the things that I lack and instead focused all my intention on my growth and the things I have. I dove into being more intentional with my time with my children and my husband. I made a point to call that special friend that always lifted my spirits. I do more writing, praising the Lord for his blessings and I just appreciate the life I have.

Work Place Clean-Up

I spend an awful amount of time at work. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a story once or twice of me complaining about how much I don’t like my job, but those days are long gone. I have kept my office space tidy, stacked with photos of my family; with a screen saver of a beautiful sandy beach where I envision myself with Ariel and the girls every single day. I keep my paperwork organized and handle one case at a time.


I am on a verge for growth. I want to do better, to be better. I want to leave a sort of mark on this world so I broaden my horizons by reading. I read a lot of self-help books. I am learning to read the Bible and I read about topics that interest me in efforts to learn more and share it with the world through my platforms. I never knew how great reading actually was until recently. I love words so finding the time to read a book is actually therapeutic for me.

Working Out

I make a point to get my lazy butt in the gym as frequently as possible. Even when I cannot make it, I will make efforts to go for a run or workout at home. Everyone knows that working out releases endorphins which in return makes you happy. Especially on days when the anxiety and ruminating thoughts are getting the best of me. A good 30 minute workout will make such a difference in my mood, making me feel good overall. So, if it means dealing with a tedious workout to feel happy again, I will do it.


And lastly, prayer. This year has strengthened my relationship with the Lord tremendously. I am reading the Bible to learn more of God’s word and what my purpose here on earth is. I am learning to trust in the Lord and have faith. I am still learning how to pray but just the little bit that I do know as helped me so much in having better days.

I hope that these few personal ritual ideas help you have better days as well. Living a life that is imbalanced is not fun. Adulting is hard so we must make it as easy as possible on us in order to survive. The more we encourage positivity, the better off we will be, physically and psychologically.

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