8 Reasons Why My Daughters Are the Best Thing Thats Ever Happened to Me

Hi Mommas, I never understood what it really was to be a mother. I heard everyone's input on parenting but I still did not get it.

My entire world change dramatically in 2013 when my first was born. I get it now. I totally get it. The sleepless nights, the frustrations towards breastfeeding, the memory loss.. it has all become the norm for me. But I would not trade this life for anything else in the world. I was in awe the moment that I laid my eyes on my baby girl. I still could not believe this little human being was growing inside of me.

With both my pregnancies, before finding out the sex of the baby, I prayed for a boy. I longed for that "momma's boy" feeling that my friends who have sons talk about. I feared the sassy attitudes that comes with girls. So when I found out I was having girls, I needed a couple days to let it sink in.

But now that I have my girls, I could not be any happier with them. Here are 10 reasons why I am soooo happy to have daughters!!


1.There is no other little girl more prettier than mine

Everything about Aylah and Amelia is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Her toes. Her smile. Even Amelia's little gap between her teeth is the cutest thing ever. I have never seen a more beautiful little girl. My babies have the most contagious smile. They're smiles makes all my struggles disappear.

2. As little as they are, my daughters really are like my best friends

Aylah is still so little so its hard for us to share moments the way Amelia and I do. But Amelia and I laugh all the time together. She says the most cutest things. I can have a horrible day at work but my little Amelia will make me laugh off all the work related bs. I love those girls unconditionally, man.

3. When I Get Old, I Know My Girls Will Take Care Of Me

The one good thing about having daughters is that no matter how old they get they will always be your daughters. With sons, once they get married, they tend to gravitate more towards their wives and her family. So I know that when I'm old and wrinkled, my little girls will make sure I am taken care of. My mother and I have gotten so close since I became a mother and I pray to have the same bond with my daughters.

4. They look up to me

My little girls are still so young and innocent and believe my every word. I am involved in everything they do. When I am doing my makeup, Amelia will sit and just watch me, studying my every move. She tries to mimic everything I do. Its such a blessing.

5. Our Bond

No matter what happens, I will always be their mother. No one will ever love those little girls the way I do. The title I will always have to them is one that no one will ever replace.

6. They are the one thing I got right

I have made a million in one mistakes. But if its one thing I got right, its these two little girls. These girls are my legacy.

7. Shes the best version of me and her father

I see myself so much in Amelia. Everything is does its like I am looking at myself at that age. Her facial expressions, her smile, her compassion. When we argue, I feel I am arguing with a smaller version of myself.

8. They are Mine Forever

And the last and best thing about my daughters is simply that. They are mine forever! No one can ever replace my girls or take my girls away from me. They are mine. They are the wind beneath my wings. They are my sunshine, my life lines. Like I stated before, when men get married, they tend to become their wives' but daughters are always their mothers'.