Routines Are Super Important + Here's a Look At Mine

I tolerate a lot of haze because my life is so routined and the moment someone or something throws me off, I feel a sense of anxiety. Having children, however, has made this all a bit easier on me though.

Routines are just easy. They make my life easy and makes me feel like I can contour the world. As a mother, however, I know routines are often taken off track. Things go wrong. Plans change. And because of motherhood, I have learned to let things go. I have learned to accept that things happen and I now know better then to get all bent out of shape over it. 

Routines Provides Structure

I am just a creature of habit, like my mother. My mother is super organized. She writes everything down and she does it all to the T, by the book; her book. She gets so mad at my father when he spends more money then she has budgeted for the month, or if he double books them with things to do. 

Routines are familiar. I don't have to do much thinking, I just do. This is extremely important in the morning because as most of you know, I still have not conquered the mornings; therefore thinking can be almost impossible. I like to wake up with a sense of ownership, order. I already know what I am doing.

Routines Build Better Habits

In doing something over and over again, it becomes a habit. Like I said, my routines just come naturally to me where I do not put much thought into what I am doing or going to do. The act of automation increases efficiency in your life which in essense means you will automatically get things done without wasting any time or procrastinating.

Routines Negates Motiativation

Having a routine you are familiar with, negates the act of having to motivate yourself to do something. You rely on your routine. Since you are on auto-pilot, the need for will power will not be necessary. You will build momentum and it will actually help you become better at things. For example, if I make a committment to write each morning before starting my day, I will see much improvement in my writing.

Routines Helps with Mental Health

With a routine, you are much more likely to get things done. You will see yourself becoming less likely to push things off for later.  Building routines have even been known for helping individuals with bipolar disorder. You have more control hence better sleep. 

Routines are simply blocks of time set aside for a particular task. Having a routine allows me to have control. I can get more done or less done if I chose. Procrastination is no longer a concern to me because things just happen. 

My morning routine has been the same since Aylah started daycare at about 3 months. I had altered my mornings to now add the baby's needs to the schedule. I am usually at work by 8AM.

Here is a glimpse at what my morning looks like:

  • 6AM shower, get dressed, do a little makeup and hair. 
  • 6:50-6:55 Grab Amelia's lunchbox, Aylah's diaper bag and my purse and run out to load and start the car.
  • 7AM wake up Amelia, and bring her to the potty. Wash her up, brush her teeth and get her dressed.
  • 7:20 change Aylah's diaper and get her in the car.
  • 7:30 on our way to Aylah's sitters house
  • 7:45 dropping off Amelia
  • 8AM clocking into work. 

I got this routine down to the T and it is what I do every morning. The girls know it and I know it and we are out the door in no time. Its great to start your day knowing what you have to do so you do not have to try and remember everything, especially if you have little ones.

Hope this post helped some of you learn new ways to get your ish together this new year. I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to comment below and tell me about your routines. 

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